New Economic Start 2013 (report in English)

On September 15, 2013, NES alumni and friends united around the world for the annual 5K Charity Run “New Economic Start.” The run took place in 10 cities in 8 countries: Moscow, Beijing, Hong Kong, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, New York, Chicago, Stanford (CA, USA). Two hundred alumni community members participated in the event. 

Pictures of the run in Moscow >>>
Pictures of the run abroad >>>

Thank you!

On behalf of the New Economic School and NES Alumni and Friends Non-profit Partnership, we would like to thank American Appraisal for offering financial support for the fifth consecutive year.  

We received donations of a total of 47 800 rubles. The funds were directed to the charity committee of the NES Alumni and Friends Non-profit Partnership for charity projects with the boarding School for Orphans and Children from Underprivileged Families in the village of Obidimo (Tula region).

We would also like to thank the Moscow City Youth Art Center for providing the track and helping organise the event. 

Special thanks to NES staff and volunteers who helped organise the event both in Moscow and abroad!

Results in Moscow >>>

Results abroad >>>


New Economic Start in Moscow

More than 130 NES community members participated in the race in Moscow despite the rainy and cold weather. 

Our youngest participant, Fedor Kuznetsov, was awarded a runner’s certificate and a recognition gift.

Winners among women:

1 place - Antonina Sorokina (MAE'2007),
2 place - Maria Konkova (MAE'2009),
3 place - Larisa Zaitseva (MAE'2006).

Winners among men:

1 place - Ivan Mozharov (BAE'2016),
2 место - Timur Khafizov (BAE'2015),
3 место - Vasily Toropov (MAE'2014)

Every winner of the Moscow race was awarded a certificate and a medal.

Natalia Permyakova, alum of the Master of Arts in Economics Program, 2010, and one of the winners of the race in 2012, led a warm-up before the race. On behalf of the School, we would like to thank Natalia for the great warm-up!

During the race, children of the runners were entertained by a special guest, Sportacus. 

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone involved in the organization of the 5K Charity Run New Economic Start 2013!

Оrganising committee: Svetlana Nabieva, Zarema Kasabieva, Irina Sibiryakova, Irina Kruglova, Kristina Kuralyenya,  Pavel Rubtsov, Maya Kultiyasova, Ivan Ivanyuk, Ksenia Korbukova.

Volunteers: Tatiana Belyaeva (NES Friend), Elena Blinova (MiF'2015), Oleg Eremin (MAE'2010), Yulia Zhestkova (BAE'2016), Alexandra Zhukova (MAE'2008), Azamat Ziyatdinov (MiF'2010), Vitaly Zuev (MAE'2014), Anastasia Kalashnikova (MAE'2015), Andrey Kirillov (MAE'2014), Olga Kryukovskaya (NES), Irina Lisaeva (NES Friend), Irina Lurie (MAE'2014), Nikita Malikin (MAE'2014), Alina Malkova (MAE'2015), Andrey Minaev (MAE'2015), Djulustan Nikiforov (MAE'2015), Irina Osipova (BAE'2015), Ruslan Pelikhov (BAE'2016), Lyubov Popkova (NES Friend), Alexander Rubin (MAE'2014), Natalia Rudenko (MAE'2014), Alfia Sagitova (MAE'2014), Telman Shagants (BAE'2016).

Thank you all for the wonderful day!

If you have any questions regarding the event, please contact Svetlana Nabieva at

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