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On March 11 the Charity Committee of the "NES Alumni and Friends" partnership held its annual meeting. The meeting participants exchanged their warm memories of the 2010 projects, such as their five visits to Obidimo orphanage, as well as the orphanage kids' excursion to Moscow on November 2010, a part of which was the visit to a chocolate factory. The plans for the nearest future were also discussed.

The Committee was happy to welcome special guests - Tatyana Tulchinskaya - the director of the charity fund Here and now, and Diana Kolesnikova - the coordinator of the charity organization  ICEF outreach. The guests shared their experience with charity projects related to supporting orphanages and helping orphaned children. One of priority goals for these projects is overcoming the children's consumerism orientation. Projects, in which the kids are involved in working on making their surroundings better, effectively serve this  goal. The Charity Committee was happy to make joint plans with the organizations represented by the special guests, the first example being the Committee's poster at ICEF outreach's charity event on March 18.

The Charity Committee's 2011 activities included a visit to Obidimo on March 19, and welcoming Obidimo kids during their visit to Moscow on April 9 and 10.

The First NES Photo Competition

In November-December 2010 the site hosted the first NES Photo Competition. We are happy to present the winners.

First place: "Hastings, a coastal town in England" - by Yuri Bednyi (MAE 2010):



Second place: "Winter 2010" - by Nikolai Efremov (MiF 2012)



All the participants who submitted their work for the competition got memorable souvenirs

All the submitted photographs are available here.


New project on our site: Ph.D. Job Market Candidates - NES Alumni

We have started a new project aimed at informing potential employers about NES graduates who will be on the PhD job  market this and next year. Here is the link to a self-updating directory of our job market candidates:

Potential employers: we recommend that you subscribe to receiving regular updates to this listing by email. During the subscription process, please check the box "reveal my workplace/institution," as this will greatly improve the attractiveness of the listing to job market candidates. (Your name or contact details will not be revealed.) You can also join the club "PhD Job Market Candidates - NES Alumni" to participate in discussions about this project and share your ideas on how to make it better.

We hope, in the first place, that the older generation of NES alumni will support this project. This joint effort would enhance our community by channeling its energy into a very practical domain. 

Nationwide distant Competition in Economics

In July 2010 the New Economic School and the non-profit partnership "NES Alumni and Friends" announced the results of the nationwide distant Competition in Economics. High School students and teachers were invited to participate. Students were offered creative problems, and teachers submitted course and lesson plans. The goal of the Competition was to promote studying modern economic theory at Russian High Schools, and to find the most talented students. In addition, the organizers view this Competition as a first step towards creating a community of school teachers who teach Economics and related subjects.

362 students from 49 regions of Russia submitted their work for this Competition. First Prises were awarded to Timur Abbyasov (11th grade, Moscow), Ilya Svistunov (10th grade, Ryasan), Tatiana Paramonova (10th grade, Kirov), Evgeniya Ternova (9th grade, Orel), Maxim Makarov (8th grade, Novouralsk), and Almaz Kamalov (8th grade, Vysokaya Gora). The Competition's web page contains the results of all the participants, the winner announcement, as well as problem solutions with graders' comments. We congratulate all the winners and wish that all the participants develop keen interest in Economics.

The results of the teacher's Competition will be announced later.

New Year's celebration in Obidimo

Thank to the efforts of NES community the New Year's celebration was made possible for the kids of the Obidimo orphanage! On December 26th a group of 20 people (NES students, alumni, professors and NES staff) drove down to Obidimo where the children greeted them with performances, songs, and dances which they had prepared ahead of time. Afterwards each child eagerly received his or her gift personally from Ded Moroz.

We thank you all for your efforts in taking the time to purchase and wrap gifts and write personal cards from Ded Moroz. All other gifts and donations were also given to the orphanage. We are very grateful to everyone who drove down in the cold Russian winter weather to make this joyous event possible. Thanks to everyone's help and enthusiasm the celebration was a big success!

If you are interested in learning about future events with Obidimo or other charity projects, you are welcome to join the Charity Committee group of the NES Alumni and Friends Partnership.

The visit to the Obidimo orphanage, November 4, 2009

November 4, 2009 a group of fourteen alumni, students and staff of NES with Zarema Jurevna Kasabieva visited an Obidimo’s orphanage in Tula region. In this orphanage there are about 90 orphans between six and seventeen years old. Almost 70% of children are social orphans, whose parents are deprived of parental rights. The administration of non-profit partnership "Alumni and Friends of NES” (Chairman of the Charity Committee is Anna Grishina, MAE'2006) decided to take patronage over this orphanage.

Next Board meeting - 2009, October 21

On Wednesday, October 21, at 19-30 – the next Board meeting.

Questions to be discussed:
1. NES run results;
2. Charity Committee meetings results;
3. Education Committee panel discussion results;
4. Decision on payments systems;
5. Preparation for the NES alumni and friends General meeting which is going to be held during December alumni reunion.

Plans of the Partnership for the Summer of 2009

On the Partnership's board meeting (18 May 200) the following directions for future activities of the Partnership during the next three months were planned:

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To apply for the membership in the "NES Alumni and Friends" partnership, please log in to the site system and then follow this link.

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