The first NES run competition - New Economiс Start 2009 - conducted!

On September 12, 2009 the event took place which is momentous for the whole NES community - the first NES run was conducted, so now you can have a look at the results! Thanks to enthusiasm and creativity of the main organizers, Azamat Ziyatdinov and Georgy Kartashov, a beatiful idea came true and the event attracted about 200 people - NES graduates, employees, and students and their friends and relatives! The money collected for charity purposes amounts to 158 000 rubles. Organizational costs are covered by the sponsor - American Appraisal and the School granted t-shirts for participants and volunteers. We hope the event will become another heart-warming tradition of the School, banding together a growing number of people and contributing to NES community cohesion. Thank you participants and volunteers!

Photos from Danila (slideshow created using flickrSLiDR).

Photos from Ivan Ivanovich: First NES run competition, part one и First NES run competition, part two.

Slideshow of photos from Dmitry Kolosov
Slideshow of photos from Irina Nazarova

By the beginning of November 2009, 32 000 rubles of the collected money were spent in the following way: 25 000 rubles were used to buy sport shoes for children in the Obidimo orphanage (NES students, alumni and staff went there on 4th of November), 7 000 rubles were used to deliver donated furniture to the orphanage.

Later we will publish updates on further charity spendings.