Charity Committee news

On March 11 the Charity Committee of the "NES Alumni and Friends" partnership held its annual meeting. The meeting participants exchanged their warm memories of the 2010 projects, such as their five visits to Obidimo orphanage, as well as the orphanage kids' excursion to Moscow on November 2010, a part of which was the visit to a chocolate factory. The plans for the nearest future were also discussed.

The Committee was happy to welcome special guests - Tatyana Tulchinskaya - the director of the charity fund Here and now, and Diana Kolesnikova - the coordinator of the charity organization  ICEF outreach. The guests shared their experience with charity projects related to supporting orphanages and helping orphaned children. One of priority goals for these projects is overcoming the children's consumerism orientation. Projects, in which the kids are involved in working on making their surroundings better, effectively serve this  goal. The Charity Committee was happy to make joint plans with the organizations represented by the special guests, the first example being the Committee's poster at ICEF outreach's charity event on March 18.

The Charity Committee's 2011 activities included a visit to Obidimo on March 19, and welcoming Obidimo kids during their visit to Moscow on April 9 and 10.