New project on our site: Ph.D. Job Market Candidates - NES Alumni

We have started a new project aimed at informing potential employers about NES graduates who will be on the PhD job  market this and next year. Here is the link to a self-updating directory of our job market candidates:

Potential employers: we recommend that you subscribe to receiving regular updates to this listing by email. During the subscription process, please check the box "reveal my workplace/institution," as this will greatly improve the attractiveness of the listing to job market candidates. (Your name or contact details will not be revealed.) You can also join the club "PhD Job Market Candidates - NES Alumni" to participate in discussions about this project and share your ideas on how to make it better.

We hope, in the first place, that the older generation of NES alumni will support this project. This joint effort would enhance our community by channeling its energy into a very practical domain.