The visit to the Obidimo orphanage, November 4, 2009

November 4, 2009 a group of fourteen alumni, students and staff of NES with Zarema Jurevna Kasabieva visited an Obidimo’s orphanage in Tula region. In this orphanage there are about 90 orphans between six and seventeen years old. Almost 70% of children are social orphans, whose parents are deprived of parental rights. The administration of non-profit partnership "Alumni and Friends of NES” (Chairman of the Charity Committee is Anna Grishina, MAE'2006) decided to take patronage over this orphanage.

NES already has experience in providing assistance to this orphanage. Thus, 11 sets (computers, monitors, keyboards, mice) were donated to the Obidimo’s orphanage in 2007. Now this orphanage has a computer class. NES alumni and students repeatedly provided financial support, helping with cloths, medicines, toys, furniture, books and equipment. NES started to help this school during a difficult period, when the dormitory didn't even had hot water. Now in terms of resettlement Obidimo’s orphanage is much closer to the official standards. Many sponsors from Tula and Moscow, individuals and companies are helping this school.

Unfortunately budget funding is not enough and children of Obidimo are always happy to receive help from their friends. There are always permanent necessities that the orphanage can not cope with its funding, for example stationery, clothing and footwear for children, medicines, payments, hygiene products and much more.

Above all, orphans do not have enough of a human sympathy, warmth and attention of adults. Therefore, communication is very important for these grateful and not spoiled children, who are dreaming to play games with adults and feel love and attention.

November NES delegation was welcomed with joy and enthusiasm. Numerous gifts took a third of the hall. After dinner, guests were served round with waffle cake and chocolate candies. Then the guests played football with the boys, the others turned into fans. Igor Gorshunov (MAE'2004), Oleg Eremin (MAE'2010), Alexei Balaev (MAE'2010) and Vadim Sayafarov (MAE'2010) joined the orphanage’s football team. Zarema Kasabieva (NES), Tatyana Skopintseva (NES), Sasha Chorny (MAE'2010) became fans, and Anna Grishina made pictures under the guidance of three young and talented orphans.

The best football players were awarded with developing games by Igor Gorshunov. During the football game Olga Popova (MAE'2007) Elena Gorbacheva (MAE'1998) with the girls from the orphanage were cooking beautifully decorated and delicious sandwiches and Kseniya Grishina and Masha Karbovskaya (MAE'2007) taught the girls how to weave colorful embellishments. In the playroom with furniture, which Natalya Volchkova (MAE'1998) had donated to the orphanage, there were a lot of people who’re willing to talk. Small Svetochka didn’t leave the coordinator of NES alumni Svetlana Nabiyeva, holding her hand all the time. 

By end of the visit the orphanage’s teachers gave guests the cards with children's "New Year's wishes" - beautifully decorated, doubled with self-painted paper sheets. Inside the children described their lives, interests and aspirations and asked Ded Moroz for personal gifts.

In the near future NES students and alumni can become magicians. At NES reception you can get a letter of inquiry and prepare a gift for one of these children.

Next trip to the orphanage is planned for late December with gifts and games. Join us!  

Photos from the trip on Nov. 4 are available in the NES gallery #

Story about the visit is prepared by O. Popova, A. Grishina, Z. Kasabieva. Translated by E.Kovaleva

P.S. Before the trip the contributions (drugs, paper, personal items, furniture) and cash (33 000 rubles) were collected. Also 27 000 rubles were spent from the funds collected after the first NES run. Direct costs included the essentials, footwear, subscriptions to publications, refreshments and the car which delivered furniture to Obidimo.