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Nes practitioners club: juggling, second lesson

The second, final meeting of NES practitioners club devoted to juggling happened on Wednesday, February 10, at 20:00 in room 1121(3).

Led by a competent specialist in this field, we repeated and consolidated juggling skills acquired on the previous meeting.

2009.02.10 Juggling at NES (using flickrSLiDR).
Photos by Ivan Ivanovich and Danila.

NES practitioners club: juggling

Thanks to multiple requests by students and some professors of NES, the meeting of the NES practitioners club on Jan 21st, 2009 was devoted to juggling. Led by a competent specialist in this field, NES students, alumni, professor and guests from other universities studied the theoretical foundation of juggling, and then proceeded to practice with balls. As a result of the meeting, a significant advance in juggling with three balls was observed. The most advanced participants were able to juggle with three balls for at least 30 seconds (just after 2 hours of training). Home assignment: practice, practice, practice. Next meeting devoted to juggling is planned in a two weeks time.

2009.01.21 Juggling - NES practitioners club (using flickrSLiDR).

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