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Welcome to Wiki Group: Job Market Candidates!

The purpose of this group is to collect information about NES alumni who are in their final years of PhD programs, and who will be looking for jobs this or next year. The Project Committee will send out the link to this page to potential employers, also NES alumni, who are currently working at various Western  institutions: universities, think tanks, IMF, World Bank, consulting firms, etc. Various benefits can realize, if this project is successful.

  1. This will help bring the older and the younger generations of NES alumni together, and provide the support that job market candidates need so much.
  2. At the same time, the organizations where senior NES alumni work can benefit from excellent new employees - those who managed to survive the filter of NES + a PhD at a Western university.
  3. The broader NES network, including NES itself, will benefit from younger members who are grateful for the help they receive from the NES community at a particularly precarious moments in their life. In the long run, the academic potential of the New Economic School will definitely increase if its graduates are able to find good jobs.

Any member of the NES community who is willing to help this project or learn more about it is welcome to join this group (you need to be registered for joining). For the sake of protection from robots, extensive discussions on the strategy and marketing of this project are visible to group members only.

Potential employers can proceed by viewing the listing.

Job market candidates can add their information to the listing.

The Project news are published in comments to the relevant material on the site's main page.

Job market candidates: Listing

Dear job market candidates!

Senior NES alumni who will be viewing the Ph.D. Job Market Candidates list are not expected, of course, to give you a job. Rather, it is expected that they will spread the word about you. This itself may be extremely helpful. Although senior NES alumni may not know you personally, we believe that being a NES alum carries a stamp of quality they can rely on.